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Basics (Big Fundamentals)

Plain and simple, I don't care how high your vertical is or how fast you are. If you don't have the fundamentals your gonna be watching from the sidelines.

Triple Threat:
Position with your feet shoulder length apart and your getting ready to make a move, pass or shot (3 choices equal it a triple threat)

Boxing Out: Sounds simple enough but you'd be amazed how many players (even pros) dont box out. Boxout by putting you body between the hoop and ur defender. Get wide and no matter what keep your eyes on the ball. Once you see which way its going, hit the D up with alil Dennis Rodman and get the rebound

Face up Defense:
Now this is where nasty stuff happens, and if you don't know how to play straight up D, the nasty will be happening to you.. Rule number 1. watch their waist not the ball. Even the AND1 ballers say this and they have nooooo defense. 2. Slide your feet, dont cross them or you might be gettin crossed too. It also helps some time to keep your outside hand (hand closest to the sidelines) in the shooters face to distract them.

The Room Makers: These are normal offensive moves such as the jab step and pump fake that create speace between you and the bum trying to stop you from droppin your 20th point. heres my top 3.
Jab step: Easiest and works well. A simple jab of the foot could make your man jump and make some space.
The instep:This is better known as what jordan did to byron russel. Whatever hand your dribbling with you take a quick instep with the opposite foot and then hop back. Works wonders.
 Pump Fake:Old school, as you can see in the pic at the top of the page, this can do damage. A fast pump fake can send ya man stupidly to the air and leave you with a wide open lane.


Above: My boy Kyle Miron hittin the defender up with a nasty pump fake that sent him into the crowd. The D read on the shoe box where it says "Game Sold Seperatly"

I have the better basketball DVD for dribbling so If anyone wants that email me: You'll probably just have to pay for shipping and handling.