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The heads up on what going on and where I am

Man its been a while. Well I'm back from SLAMBALL and back to training. SLAMBALL was great. Me alot of cool and talented guys. Now I'm back to training and making the world a healthier place. In the process of opening my own gym FINALLY, but of course its during a recession (thanks bush) so its going slow. Once its up and running though I'm inviting everyone who comes to my site out here and get 5 sessions free. Just say that you read it here. Hope Everything is good and be safe. TRAIN HARDER AND SMARTER.
Hey guys, its been a minute. Alots been going on so I'll recap that later. As for right now I'm down in Sarasota, Florida for the SLAMBALL 2009 Rookie Training camp. Ya you remember SLAMBALL from Spike TV back in the day. Well its back and guess who qualified? Ya, I get more into detail on my blogs on my myspace page
Well Gotta get back on the move, training is hard and gotta be ready.
Just finished training some of the fairlieigh dickenson mens basketball team over the summer, so hopefully going on from there. Not in school this year but looking to possibly go overseas after training and working alil more. Still busy busy training high school and college athletes.So hit me up
Well as of now I'm taking this year off from school. Instead I'm gonna be trying to take all my personal trainer certification tests again (they expired when I moved from vegas) and its like a 6 month thing. I'll also be training myself and other people. It kind of sucks since I want to get college over with but at the same time it will help when I try to get my gym after I graduate.
Supposed to call coach young today and see whats up. Hes the head coach at Walsh University in Ohio which is like the #3 ranked division 2 school in the whole country. Their a pretty guard dominant team which could lead to alot of fast break dunks if I go and play the 3 spot. I'm actually kind of nervous though because no offense but ohio is alittle TOO country for me but hey if i get to play I'm sure I'll adjust. Just my luck, grow up by nyc, move to las vegas, and now might end up in ohio...hmm which one doesnt fit. But whatever. ball is ball.Their squad is overall better than ESU and LIU  so thats a plus and I already know people out there from camps. They were NAIA champs in 05 so their doin something right.. Prolly add some more after I call.. Still gotta call coach Waters at Cleveland State back and return Coach Matta's call. Could be a interesting weekend if the Ohio State things workout.
Just checkin in and lettin you know how the summer is going. Been busy training myself and some friends for up coming seasons, not to mention looking at schools (yea i kno always on the move) I had a workout at C.W Post on tuesday, a school I was accepted to coming out of high school but turned down for UNLV. I thought it went well, showed off the pg court vision and my athletic side even though everyone knows I'm more comfortable at the 3. But hey, i'm a player so whatever they ask I do. But then it happen, the most ironic thing possible. If you know about me, you know every coach i've had says they picture me as a dwayne wade type pg, so i need focus on that instead of playing big man like i did in high school. SO during this workout it purposly avoided showing off my post moves just so I wouldnt get them thinking I was a tweener when they were looking for a guard. Little do I kno they were looking for a foward and not guards..So while it sucked I didn't know that ahead of time I'm like its cool, I'll just let him know that I played the 3-5 most of my career and that would actually be better. know what he said? "your not good enough to play on this level" My gf almost choked on her gum when she heard that. It pissed me off at the time but i'll just chalk it up as him not seeing me play the post instead of him just doubting me. I was going to name drop that even  at 6'4 in high school I was averageing a triple double against 6'7 guys who are in the NBA like sean banks, dayrrl watkins at syracuse, or all the times I had to guard louis' big ass out at UNLV. Louis is 6'9 and getting signed by the kings, but I supposedly can't guard a 6'7 division 2 forward for slippery rock?yea, I'm still trying to wrap my mind around that..but oh well...He was a real cool guy and seemed like he would make a good coach so hopefully I get another shot where I can show him that I can play inside too and just use it as motivation..Its funny how quickly people forget charles barkley was only 6'4-6'5 as a forward at auburn and in the nba..
We won intramurals. Not to toot my own horn but..toot toot..some of these games were the 113-22 blowout we had the second day against guys from the football team. no wonder they play football. The championship game was kind of intense.Felt like a real game since the crowd was around the whole gym and pretty much hated my team. Got so bad that our sg Issac got in a fight with the other pg and both were thrown out the game. We were losin at that point and the fight kind of lit our fight and we came back to win by 10. I had what was said to be the "game changing" block but it was pretty much just reflex combined with some luck so i'm not gonna get all cocky..I got a 6'10 wingspan, I better get blocks lol. I ended up almost with a triple double for the tournement and was named MVP...again..
Intramurals start monday, so now thats on my schedule too along with school,practice and lifting. My teams picked to win so hopefully we just run it and don't even let the games get close. Finally almost healed minus my back tightening up every now and then but its a start.
Another slow start. The teams looking good so far at 4-0 but again i'm stuck with a freak show of injures ranging from a fractured hip and once that healed, had a pair of scissors put through my hand by my roommates drunk friend. Gettin the stitches out in 12 days and if everythings cool can start practicing again.


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