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Rafer Alston a.k.a Skip to my lou a.k.a The handle

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One of the Best Ball Handling Sites Around

How to do a crossover
Tha crossover is one of the most electrifying moves in the nba.It takes skill, quickness,& some good hands.On this page im going to tell u how to do this kick azz move.There r only 4 steps.

First off:
The very first step is to start ur dribble off to the right.The whole point to this move is to get ur opponent off balance.


The second step is to quickly step right while dribblin tha ball.Keep ur pivot w/ tha other foot.This is to get ur opponent leanin in that direction.


Now is where tha quickness comes in.After ur quick step,
(still dribblin),make a quick dribble across ur body.Make sure u keep ur hand on top of tha ball so u wont carry it.


Last(broken ankle here we come):
Once tha ball has bounced across ur body and ur left hand is now on top of tha ball,quickly step w/ ur left foot and push off w/ ur right foot towards tha goal.Keep ur dribble to tha left and continue to tha basket.It's up to u once u get to tha basket of what u wanna do.


Ball Handling Tips:
My man coolice asked about how to get handle with his left hand. My advice is to tie your right hand behind your back and pull off every move you can over and over with your left hand. I also dribble when ever possible whether its walking to school, walking to practice or even walking to my gf's house.

-Dribble the ball slightly to the right of your foot and about 5 to 6 inches in front

-Drible low for deception wen grounded and high for speed in the open.

Ill moves from my dog Frostbite:
BUH BYE-This move iz ez but it works. HALF Spin and dribble behind ur back and spin back around, then ur defender well get nervous (I swear they always do) Then all u gotta do is bust out ur best x over and say BUH-BYE.

SPIN TWISTED-This move has worked every time I used it. Just hop right with the ball in ur right hand. Go behind tha back and As soon as tha ball gets to ur left hand Spin. WARNING ANKLE BROKEN AND KIDZ FLOORED!!!


Request for any other movers just e-mail me at or