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"They got next" Pt.2

Iight if you read the page before this you'll see theres a few road blocks before you or ya friend turn into the girl vince carter but thats what i'm here for...

What can be done about:
-Femoral Notch Dimensions:  Pretty much give yourself time to rest, recover, wear good shoes, do jumping exercises on soft level surfaces and most fo all, when you jump try to land as soft as possible..the softer you land, the less stress is put on your legs
-Limp Alignment: Girls have a tendency to have their knees buckle when they land which is good when your jumping into a pool but bad when ur jumpin onto wood or concrete. You have to concentrate on having their knees travel straight forward and back as much as possible during jumps...I know it sounds dumb but it plays a big part.
-Ligament Size: Girls should strengthen their legs just like guys do but with less weight (unless your a amazon) Try doing squats and lunges with body weight or light weight so you can build up muscles in your knee.
-Joint Laxity: This one sucks because its all about your genetics. so just ignore that and keep smiling
-Shoe Surface: The EASIEST ONE, get good shoes..spill out the extra $$ and make sure you either get some top of the line girls shoes or some small guys shoes.
-Muscle Strength/Coordination: Obviously the goal would be to get stronger. So like i said about ligament size you have to do some light strength training..


Lisa Leslie: One of the reasons the WNBA is still around..
Basketball star/Model/ and first woman to dunk in a wnba game...gonna be passing down the torch to candance parker.

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