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Female Jumpers "they got next"

I'm not a big fan of womens basketball..
(more fundamentals with less excitment then nba) but gotta give them credit..
P.S: Diana Turasi is the least for now..can anyone say Candice Parker and Sara Kirkpatrick


To female jumpers: I've gotten alot of emails from female athletes which I think is great...I personally want more girls dunking because I'm tired of everyone getting hyped up over these 1 handed dunks that Candace does..She barely dunks it one handed on a fast break and people make it like shes Shaq suddenly..I want girls catchin Alley Oops and drop step dunking just like the guys.So if you want advice on your hops or speed and your a girl....hit me up
Bron aka Lord-Have-Mercy

Warning: Before you try any serious lifting or traing..make sure you have a partner who knows what he or she is doing. Female basketball players have 4 times as many knee injuries as male basketball players.
See the dilema is, girls are built different, plain and simple. Heres a few of the reasons. Email me if you want to know more about each one..
- Femoral Notch Dimensions (bone that protects your acl..guys have a around one like in your thumb..meanwhile girls have sharp ones which lead to acl/mcl tears)
-Limp Alignment (A womans hip joint is wider then a guys. The increased angle of a females thigh bone places more stress on the inside of the knee which sucks when you try to jump)
-Ligament size (females ligaments arent as thick as a guys and therefore usually arnt as strong)
-Joint Laxity (this means that a females joints are looser, with more give in them...good for gymnastics, bad for sturdiness and stability)
-Shoe-Surface Interface (Plain and simple, they dont put as much effort in making girls basketball shoes)
-Lack of Muscle strength/coordination (while in shape, most girls still arent as fits as guy basketball players, so their body doenst hold up as well to the shock when jumping)
Now your probably thinking after all that, how in the hell do you expect me to even try and jump...lucky for you all these can be either prevented or lower the chance of it happening.... go to the next page and we'll see if I can give you some springs


Candace Parker:  The truth aka Shebron.. Won the 2004 dunk contest against high profile jumpers like JR Smith and Rudy was kinda suspect though since she did the same dunk 3 times but the girl has serious game


Michelle Snow...decent dunker for a 6'6 girl but havnt heard much about her since she went to the WNBA