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Getting Recruited

Some key tips to getting that college $$$


Now for the most part, most high school athletes goal is to make it big in college. The sad thing is, most good colleges cost alot of cash to go to and unless your one of the selective few you'll have to get your name out and around by yourself. Here are a few ways to get a coaches attention and work towards getting your college experience payed for.

1. Select a few colleges: Don't just go selecting schools based on tv or anything. Do some research, nothing is worse then applying to a college you have no idea about and then getting there and it sucks. Also base it on more then just athletics. While sure making the team is fine, you don't want to hate the school everytime your not actually playing basketball.
P.S: Look at some safety schools. These are schools you know you'll get into no matter what. Usually smaller schools or colleges in your state. That way you don't have to sit around crying because you only applied to duke and NC state when your from a small high school in east bumble South Dakota

Keep in mind: D3 and Community Colleges don't give scholarships. Just financial aid.


2. Write some letters: This can be anything from a actual written letter or an up to date email. For coaches email addresses you can just go to the schools athletic site and look up the coaches name on the staff directory. The first letter should pretty much be something like who you are, what you do, a few stats, and that your interested in speaking to someone in the athletic department.Most coaches will reply back while some are jerks and just ignore it so its 50/50.
P.s: Theres plenty of books on what to write in a recruiting letter that you can just get at a library. I'll probably put a few examples at the bottom of this page. Also don't make the first letter too long. Its pretty much just to get their notice and show your interest. 

3. Game Tape: Hopefully after your letter phase the coach has shown some interest. At this point usually they'll ask for some kind of tape. What they don't say is they would perfer a normal game tape and not some highlight film. A highlight film is good but only after they see a normal game. Obviously since its a highlight film your not really going to show what your bad at or your mistakes and that what most coaches want to see so they know what they'd be working with.
P.S: Don't just pick a game that you won in and had 40 points but nothing else. Show alittle versatility even if its in a loss. Most coaches would rather see a player with a triple double compared to someone setting the town scoring record and not working at the other end.

4. Visits: These can go either way but both are a really good sign. A coach can either invite you to one of their games so you can see them play and talk alittle after or and more usually he'll ask for your game schedule so him or his assistant can come scout you. While most go the wrong way by inviting them to games its crappy teams, its usually better to invite them to ones where you'll have to work. One reason is, if its against a team you always blow out, you dont have to do or show as much plus you tend to get alittle lazy. If kobe played your high school team right now, would it look like he was goin 100%? Secondly if you just destroy this team, it might make the coach think you won't be able to play on the college level since you only play weak competition.
P,S: The easiest way is inviting the coach to a game against a rival school. That way your def gonna be motivated and the effort will be there. Also even if they don't ask to come watch you play, you can still ask to come see them because its still showing interest and you may just wow him with your personality and get lucky.

Sample Recruiting Letters:
Theres are just examples...
Do not copy and paste as is

Intro Letter

Bio Letter

Schedule Letter

Asking about Game Tape

Contacting College Coaches