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How To pull off a....(part 1)

Step by step tips on how to pull off your favorite dunks


How to do a 360:
Sure a dunk is flashy, but a 360 dunk is FLASHY. It's like comparing Ames, Iowa, to Las Vegas.

1. Attempt a 360 dunk when the court is void of any people in front of you, such as on a fast break.
2. Approach the basket with speed.
3. Make a jump stop by planting both of your feet at the same time 6 to 8 feet from the basket.
4. Angle your toes in the direction you plan to spin when you jump stop.
5. Hold the ball with both hands.
6. Toss your shoulders a bit in the direction of your spin as you jump.
7. Look over your shoulder in the direction that you're spinning, keeping your chin near your shoulder.
8. Find the rim with your eyes before your body rotates completely.
9. Bring the ball around your body.
10. Extend toward the rim.
11. Dunk the ball.

It's easier to complete a 360 dunk if you jump off both feet and hold the ball with both hands. However, you can also complete this dunk jumping off one foot or holding the ball with one hand.
You need to be able to dunk the ball with ease before entertaining thoughts of the 360 dunk. This dunk is impressive because it's extremely difficult to do.
Practice this dunk on a rim lower than 10 feet to get an understanding of the mechanics of the dunk.

How to do a Reverse:
The basket's already 10 feet off the ground, but the real test of skill is to not even look at it as you dunk the ball.

1. Be aware of your position on the court.
2. Attempt the reverse dunk where there aren't any players in front of you.
3. Approach the basket with speed.
4. Pick up your dribble near the foul line.
5. Take your two steps.
6. Plant your foot five to seven feet from the basket.
7. Jump to the basket.
8. Twist your shoulders sideways as you jump.
9. Extend your arms above and behind your head.
10. Dunk the ball.
11. Look down at the court while coming down to ensure a safe landing.

Practice the reverse dunk on an adjustable rim. Start at eight feet so you can get used to the dunk. Raise the rim when you feel comfortable.
Perfecting the reverse layup will help you learn the reverse dunk.
Because you never actually look at the rim when you dunk, you need to experiment to find the spot from where you should jump.
Jumping off two feet may be less taxing on your knees than jumping off one foot.

A family on vacation; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Steveie Franchise throwing it down reverse style.


McGrady showing how its done