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This can change but heres the ranking as of now.

Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard: Anyone who watched Team USA knew Dwight was gettin alil vicious this year but no one expected this much. After making Ben Wallace look like a cardboard cut out the first game, D12 has been on a tear since then. Swattin shots and posterizing people. I'm usually against tall guys as good dunkers but he does it with so much power and speed you cant give the #1 spot to anyone else.

Andre Iguodala

Andre Iguodala: Iggy held his own in the dunk contest. Instead of being the champ though, he will go down as only the second person to literally get robbed out of the trophy (right behind nique getting a 45 and losing) final thought on that behind the backboard dunk though...KOBE WHO?

Vince Carter

Vince Carter:Need I say more..finally startin to look like his old self..maybe that dunk on Zo got his mind right..not to mention him and J-Kidd bowl at the same place I do.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant: Layin off the dunks this year to drop 400 points on people. But the few he has had have been vicious. Hes really lovin that up and under dunk these days.

Dwayne Wade

Dwayne Wade : While flash may not be the flashiest dunker (you like that one don't ya) he is right up there with the most poster dunks ala jermaine oneal and dan gadzuric. Also keep in mind Dwades only 6'4 209 compared to guys like lebron who are 6'8 250, and is still quick to rise up on a 7+ footer.

Gerald Wallace

Gerald Wallace: I know..I know..most of you reading this are like "who the heck..?" Well if your ever lucky enough to catch a bobcats game, you'd understand quick Not only has he gone from bench warmer on the kings to captain on the cats, this man has sick instead of blocking a shot, catching it at its highest point and then takin it on the break and dunking it yourself in the same play hops.

Gerald Green

Gerald Greee: While he hasn't gotten much burn thanks to his lack of overall basketball mentallity, the few times he's gotten in have lead to some NICE dunks..NBA Tmac comparisons may be pushing it but tmac in highschool..I can see it.

Josh Smith

Josh Smith: Couldn't live up to his hype falling into the one season wonder slot after pretty much being laughed off the court after what will be known as the "what was the tape for dunk" (he was reminding himself where to pick up his dribble if you didn't figure it out yet) So the called king of the dunk contest fell off the map faster then a aneroxic girl in a hurricane. Hopefully they'll do the chris anderson thing and invite him back to redeem himself.

LeBron James

Lebron James: at 6'8 you don't have to have hops to dunk, but Lebron..he dunks..Still too worried about everyone thinking hes perfect to put it on the line in a real dunk contest though..I was hoping at least 1 of the 4 lebrons in that commercial would have the balls to try.


Trevor Ariza

Trevor Ariza: Pretty much a no name to most people but hes been making his name more common coming off the bench for the magic. He already had a few poster dunks this year but none made sure he was a force till her threw it down on Bobcats Okafor so hard it send Okafor to the ground..well he also kicked out his legs but that dunk was goin down either way

Honorable Mention

Tmac, Maurice Evans, Shawn Marion, Jason Richardson, Richard Jefferson, Ricky Davis,Smush Parker, Melo etc...

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